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The brand, established in 1976,began life as a traditional Shetland Knitwear manufacturer. Having established “ Michael Ross “ as one of the premier quality designer knitwear houses in Europe the

Company was able to  expand into new developments throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

Original Blues was first created in 1985,being the first time that Indigo  Denim Yarn was first conceived and patented in Britain.

Original Blues was the first company to have been involved in the development of the yarn and the first Brand to launch a commercial knitwear collection world wide. Hence the name “Original” Blues, making any other

denim knitwear, followers of our passion for this yarn.

Today, Original Blues is still in family hands and prides itself on our own in-house design studio.

Through the export of its branded products, The Company has been  awarded the Queen’s award for export, along with many other awards for  design and export presented by HRH Princes Ann.

Our high quality and  supreme finishing  techniques are those which we have since 1976. The garments are mostly all “hand framed” and we have a quality  inspection on every garment received from our production unit by a dedicated team who ensures that the customers receive only the best finished product.