Copyright Original Blues Clothing Co Ltd 1985 HOME PAGE CONTACT US Page 3contact Page 98 Page 603 Page 2 home Page 600 Page 701-about The Indigo Knitwear Company Since 1985 Sailing from England hand finishing-orignal blues linking neck-original blues DENIM ...Only genuine dye is good enough for Original Blues...... Indigo is one of the oldest dyes known to man. Obtained from plants it has been used for over 4000 years! And today is  recognised for its living colour. Original Blues uses yarn that is produced by coating or plating 100% pure  cotton with indigo Dye in a series of unique processes to achieve the look  and wear ability of woven jeans and jackets. ...Design, styling and finishing.. The concept of Original Blues clothing has been designed to give lasting  satisfaction. All Original Blues garments are made using the best colours which show  the elements of nature. They are made to fade gradually and naturally. All Original Blues garments are pre shrunk - following the washing instruct ions will not effect sizing.

Original Blues